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Welp...week 1 of virtual learning is complete.

This week was the first week of virtual learning for my district. I am teaching first grade and it has been a challenge. Teaching virtually was a major adjustment for me and my students and their parents. This first week has taught me, my colleagues and my students so many lessons.

Lesson 1: We are all in this together because this is new to all of us.

Lesson 2: First graders are honest. They will tell you when they are tried.

Lesson 3: Parents and other supervising adults are essential for a class to go smoothly.

Lesson 4: Students will find a way to send an emoji.

Lesson 5: Give breaks based on age (age times 5) and students will be more engaged.

Lesson 6: When a student is struggling, ask them to go find an adult.

Lesson 7: Give grace always.

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