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Virtual Learning's biggest lesson: Empathy

Over the past three weeks, virtual learning has taught me a lot of lessons but the biggest lesson that it has taught me is empathy. Every day I begin my lesson by reminding my students of our school rules and one of them is to "Be Empathetic" by considering and understanding the feelings of others; and during this time I have learned that this is essential to the learning environment.

As someone who considers herself tech savvy, it can be easy for me to assume that most people are accustom to utilizing technology daily. However, I have learned that not all people are comfortable with technology and that this new way of school is an uncomfortable experience for them. So, for that reason I must be empathetic when I am planning lessons that involve different apps and websites.

I have learned to show empathy by building in time in my lessons for troubleshooting tech issues and giving directions for apps to parents that are helping their little ones, Also, when I plan lessons I think about how parents who are helping their children would respond to the lesson. Showing empathy comes in many forms and this school year, one of the most common forms will be considering others when planning tech heavy lessons.

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