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Home Sweet Classroom

This school year is definitely different from any other school year I have ever experienced. My school district will be all virtual, however, teachers have the option to teach from inside their classrooms or to teach from home or even do a hybrid plan. I am preparing to do the hybrid plan which means that I have to set up my home space and my classroom for instruction.

Last Saturday, I spent my day preparing my "home sweet classroom" so that I would be ready for Day 1 of class. The process was simple and only took about 4 hours. I used two medium sized cork boards, 1 small cork board, 1 small dry erase board, 1 dry erase monthly calendar and 1 dry erase weekly calendar. I chose a eucalyptus theme this year, so I bought eucalyptus border, green fade-less paper and cute letters that go with my theme.

First, I took my art of a wall in my home office. Next I papered and bordered each cork board. Then I decorated the board with letters and other things. This was the most difficult and time consuming part because I had to decorate the entire board before putting it on the wall and ensuring that I had the words in the correct direction. (I actually had to do one board over because of the nail holes.) After creating the boards, I hung them in the style of a gallery wall. Lastly, I finished the wall by labeling the calendar using a set that matches my classroom theme.

This classroom wall turned out well and it is has really helped me get in the mindset of school. I think that my students will enjoy seeing this wall and interacting with during my lessons. Also, this wall gave me a little taste of the normalcy of back-to-school time that I have been missing. This will be a much different school year with very different challenges so it is important to do things like making "home sweet classroom" wall that will help bring a sense of normalcy during this time of virtual teaching and distance learning.

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